Upturn provides an interlinking array of tools and resources built on experience and feedback from Service Providers, Employers and People from Disadvantaged Communities and Diverse Groups -  Connecting Talent & Unlocking Potential with Resources & Know-how.

Unlocking People’s talents and aspirations.

We believe that we are at our best when we work with people in partnership, taking time and making space to create fair and lasting results. We meet extraordinary people all the time and we know that the right kind of help unleashes amazing talents and commitment.

People Services

Unlocking Communities to prosper

Everything that we do starts and ends with the communities we serve. We believe that creating safe spaces in which communities can come together to share their views, opinions and ideas, pays dividends.

Community Services

Unlocking ideas and endeavour to grow

We have the resources in place to support and guide entrepreneurs through all key stages - idea, setup, start up, ways to grow. We work with established businesses to help them rebalance strategies so that they find and recruit the skills and talent needed, strengthen local community ties.

Enterprise Services