We are a social enterprise connecting People, Communities, and Enterprise. We do this by unlocking potential, supporting business, enabling social mobility.

What we do

Unlocking People’s talents and aspirations

We meet extraordinary people all the time and we know that the right kind of help unleashes amazing talents and commitment.

Enabling Communities to prosper

We believe that creating safe spaces in which communities can come together to share their views, opinions and ideas, pays dividends.

Cultivating ideas and endeavour to grow

We have the resources in place to support and guide entrepreneurs through all key stages from idea, starting up, growing and prosper.

The story of Upturn

Snapshots of our Impact

Working in partnership

We are proud of our achievements and would be pleased to explore with you how we can work together to build a better and fairer society.

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What our clients say...

Over the years Upturn has been privileged to work with a number of clients from both the public, private and third sectors, providing services and delivering a range of projects. 


Our work in practice

We are pleased to share summaries of feedback and comment received over the years from the delightful range of people that we have been able to support in our projects, as we have supported them into work, helped them set up a business, built their confidence and got their plans underway.  

Drawn from people living in disadvantaged communities, diverse groups and across a wide age range they have been anonymised. 

Skills for Care Returner

Amy Henderson

With support from Upturn’s Talent Coaches Susan became a paid Community Champion for 3 months, a supported transitional role designed to ease her back on to her career pathway...

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Social Care Worker


Referred by The JobCentre to Upturn Rebecca received five weeks of one-to-one intensive support, advice and guidance and slowly began to feel more confident.

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Let's talk!

Upturn provides an interlinking array of tools and resources built on experience and feedback from Service Providers, Employers and People from Disadvantaged Communities and Diverse Groups - Connecting Talent & Unlocking Potential with Resources & Know-how.

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