Our team

Our skills and talents encompass our work with People, Communities, and Enterprise.

Anwar Ali

Managing Director

Maria Williams

Janet Whitehead

Chelsea Cook


We work from the premise that we cannot do a good job if we do not understand the issues in play. So, our Team takes a ‘top down’ perspective, to understand the wider picture and concerns. We then link this to a ‘bottom up’ view, taking account of specific lived-in experiences that can illuminate the way ahead and help set things in context with, place, culture, group sensitivities and best ways to engage. 

From our inception we set about creating a culture where all contributions are prized and praised, irrespective of the person, their circumstances, what they are working towards.

All good ideas are celebrated, every effort recognised. This is a natural part of our team dynamic, inbuilt daily interaction as we imagine, plan, deliver, review and share. 


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